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write2spell2read at our approved kindergarten program

Our Approved Kindergarten Program which operates at our Frenchville centre with a NQS rating of exceeding is enriched by the Write2Spell2Read Program. As a locally owned and managed childcare and early education centre we are excited to be using the Write2Spell2Read Program which is authored by Sam Woods, a Rockhampton based Occupational Therapist and Certified Neurodevelopmental Therapist. 

Write2Spell2Read is a simple, developmentally sequential literacy program for learning letters, numbers, handwriting, phonics, spelling and reading. The multisensory Write2Spell2Read program, is based on the latest neuroscience research and uses movement, touch, vision, sound, listening, speech, language and working memory. 

“We focus on one letter of the alphabet each week. The children are enjoying this, and are confident to stand in front of their peers and write the letter of the week on our interactive whiteboard.” Maria Pool, Kindergarten Teacher, Skippy’s Frenchville.

This programme has been a lot of fun with all of our children interested and excited to take part!

“The children are beginning to recognise the letters when writing their names in the ‘sign in’ book and many of our families are giving feedback that their child is writing letters at home, their name and some are writing their friends names. The children are also recognising the sounds of letters and matching the letter with a word, for example “p is for paint.” Maria said.

This program is an advanced platform for teaching literacy to a broad spectrum of children for writing, spelling, reading, comprehension and fluency, and is achieving literacy success. This program is a complete package of resources for simple and effective designed for teaching in the early years and offering the program has enhanced the delivery of our Kindergarten Program.


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