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with a hippity, hoppity ... skippity beat!

Our little Joey’s just love walking to the beat of their own drums … with a hippity, hoppity “SKIPPITY BEAT!!”

Skippy’s Early Learning Centre in partnership with CQ’s leading music school for early childhood music education, Major Player Music Program are proud to introduce Skippy’s very own “Skippity Beat” Music Program. A music program tailored to, and specially designed for our Kindergarten children. The “Skippity Beat” music program provides children with opportunities to discover and develop a love and understanding of music and focuses on activities that children need for brain development and accelerated learning.

Participation in a developmental music program during a child's early years enhances listening skills, concentration and academic ability, as well as social skills and self-confidence. “Skippity Beat” is a vibrant and engaging carefully planned early years music program with lots of singing and chanting, rhyming, musical games, moving to music and so much more.

If you’d like to learn more about Skippity Beat and our approved Kindergarten program contact Karlee or Andrea on 4926 5552. We have limited vacancies in our 2018 Kindergarten program.


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