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fundraising feedback from frenchville

The results are in, and our Frenchville Centre raised a whopping $2223.15 in support of various charities during 2019! We are super-proud of our children, families and educators for making such a tremendous effort and contributing to so many causes.

We supported the following worthy causes:

We also participated in other charity activities and community drives:

  • We were a collection point for Share the Dignity twice this year, and collected sanitary items for homeless women in the community

  • We held a dog food drive for People for Pets Inc.

  • We collected Milk bottles for Amber Countryman, a local artist

  • We are registered as a collection point for Bottle Top Lids for the Envision Project, although they have stopped collecting for now as they have too many lids to process through. We will start collecting lids again when they contact us and let us know that they have caught up. Skippy’s collected a total of 19,786 lids.

Fundraising is an important part of our philosophy and culture at Skippy’s. Supporting fundraising events such as these helps us to educate our children about the importance of caring for others.

Some of the valuable benefits of involving our children in fundraising are:

  • Children learn to appreciate what they have

  • They develop the understanding that they have the ability to help others.

  • It instils the importance of sharing

  • Children develop awareness of the diversity in life, and how people are faced with different problems.

  • It teaches children empathy

  • It provides an opportunity for children to work together toward a group goal, allowing them to experience the essence of teamwork

  • Gives children and their families a sense of community.

  • It encourages conversations, about the world and society, that a child isn’t normally exposed to

Through our fundraising activities, we are teaching our children that it is important to help people who are less fortunate than themselves. We have demonstrated to our children that they can help other people in our local community and around the world. They can make a difference, one small step at a time. That is a message of hope!

Well done to all our children, families and staff for this outstanding effort!


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