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everyone wins with yoga

At Skippy's, our little yogis love their weekly session on the mats, and so do the teachers, with good reason. Early learning professionals know that Yoga is an amazing tool for helping calm and centre a room of excited children.

Not only is Yoga great fun for kids, but it offers some amazing benefits:

  • Builds physical strength by helping children to use their muscles in new ways

  • Develops co-ordination, and promotes body awareness

  • Yoga improves internal health because each position massages internal organs, leading to better health and vitality

  • Improves balance

  • Familiarises younger children with concepts of right and left

  • Increases concentration and focus, and reduces impulsiveness

  • Helps build self-esteem and confidence

  • Is calming and reduces stress, helping them to manage emotional upsets and cope with stressful events.

  • Encourages children’s imagination and creativity

  • Listening skills and the ability to focus the mind and improves concentration and study skills

  • Teaches children to process information and follow instructions

  • Yoga is one of the few non-competitive sport activities children can participate in

  • Asthmatic children particularly benefit from mindful breathing which empties the lungs fully and lengthens the exhale

A children’s Yoga session is very different to an adults’ class, and the way it’s presented to them is very important. The approach needs to be fun, dynamic, creative and stimulating to the child’s imagination. Our teachers use fun techniques to incorporate Yoga into the weekly routine. They use appropriate music and songs, interesting props, and base their Yoga sessions on topics that the children are learning about. Yoga games, like Yoga Spinner and imitating the movement of their favourite zoo animals in Yoga poses, are just a few ways they keep it exciting and engaging.

Want to get involved and share the benefits of Yoga with your kids? Here are some tips to get you started:

Start simply and let them teach you what they’ve learned. They’ll love helping you with stretches and arranging you in different positions.

  • Make it fun. Use music, sing along, play make-believe.

  • If you already practice Yoga, share your practice with them. Teach them simple positions and breathing awareness. Do it in the living room, and give the telly a break.

  • Grow with them. Let them see how much you enjoy Yoga and how it benefits you, and they’ll follow your example.

At Skippy’s, the physical education, relaxation and health of each child is of paramount importance, and our early learning Yoga program is just one example of our commitment to their holistic wellbeing.


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