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skippy's 2019 educator awards night

Skippy's Educators

On 3rd September 2019, on the eve of Early Childhood Educators’ Day, Skippy’s Educators came together for our Annual Educator Awards Evening to acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments in Early Childhood Education.

Our wonderful team of Educators from both Frenchville and Gracemere were awarded for their outstanding performance across the 7 Areas of the National Quality Standards, with additional awards for the Most Valuable Float Educator, the Educator who Most Consistently Lives Skippy’s Vision, Values & Culture Statement, and the Educator who Travelled the Most Distance in their journey in 2019. We are proud to announce our winners:

2019 Skippy's Educators Awards

We are so proud of our team, and the amazing contribution they make to the well-being and healthy development of our young children. Warmest congratulations to all our winners!


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