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getting ready for kindy 2020

Resources for Kindy 2020

Do you need information about enrolling your child in an Early Learning Centre or a Government Approved Kindy?

Visit The Early Years Count website to find all the information you need in one place. It has great resources for parents, with all you need to know about starting Kindy.

Skippy's recommends the Early Years Count Website

What is Kindy?

Kindy is a play-based educational program for children in the year before school. An approved kindergarten program is offered by a qualified early childhood teacher with support from qualified educators.

For Kindy in Queensland – Look for the Kindy Tick

Approved Kindergarten Program tick

Need to find a Kindy?

The new Kindy Finder tool, which sits on The Early Years Count website, takes all the hard work out of finding a Kindy. All you have to do is enter an address, postcode or suburb in the search bar.

The Kindy Finder does all the work in seconds, finding all approved programs within a 5km or greater radius as well as a host of other information. The results panel lists the service’s name, type, physical address, phone number, email address, distance from location, directions and whether they are exceeding, meeting or working towards the National Quality Standard.

Is your child the right age to start Kindy?

The Kindy Calculator is an online tool on The Early Years Count website. When you enter the month and year your child was born, the calculator instantly tallies the year the child will start Kindy, Prep and Year 1.

Yarn About Kindy: Resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

The Early Years Count website features Yarn About Kindy, a great collection of resources that share the importance of culture, early learning and Kindy participation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. The collection includes a series of articles and videos with stories from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and community leaders.

You can also share in stories from communities, families and our Elders on the Big Learning Life Page, because we all play a part in making the early years count for our little ones, for their big learning life.

The Queensland Government has a range of programs and services that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. For more information, visit their website.

Kindy Fact Sheet (available in 27 languages)

If you want a quick and simple summary of Kindy facts, check out the Kindy Fact Sheet on the Early Years Count website. It provides information about what Kindy is and what children learn, how to enrol, how to choose a Kindy program, and what Kindy costs.


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