little aussie encounters

Last week the children at our Gracemere centre had a remarkable experience connecting with different creatures from the Australian waters with Little Aussie Encounters, who shared their passion about looking after our environment including maintaining the ecosystem.

They explained to the older children the effects of not disposing of our rubbish in the rubbish bins and of the rubbish finding its way into the waterways and eventually into the oceans. They demonstrated how rubbish transforms over time and crates a toxic environment for the water creatures.

There was wonder and excitement as all the children got to touch different creatures, with even those who felt less confident eventually stretching their hands out to have a feel.

The encounter dovetailed with our research about developing that sense of belonging and identity and provided an opportunity for the children to see themselves as being part of the whole picture. They learned that they have a duty as citizens of this country, who belong in this place, to take on the responsibility of looking after the environment.

At Skippy’s, we believe that, “Exposure to natural environments improves children’s cognitive development by improving their awareness, reasoning and observational skills,” and will strive to provide more exciting learning experiences like this one.